Elective Subjects for Health Technology Assessment

Introduction to Preferences and QALYs

Description: Principles of the use of instruments for measuring health-related quality of life and preferences in relation to health technologies. Patient-centered outcomes. Generic and specific instruments to measure profits. Calculations for economic evaluations with years adjusted for quality of life (QALY).


Critical Analysis of Literature

Description: Evaluation of the scientific literature in a critical way, identifying the most frequent types of clinical research, such as clinical trials, cohorts, accuracy studies, case control and qualitative studies. Critical evaluation of articles on accuracy, treatment, prognosis, systematic reviews, economic analysis in health.


Special Topics in HTA

Description: Ethics in HTA. Research over time. Related economic aspects. History of Medicine. Interface between environment / health. Philosophy: health x disease. Social Sciences and their participation in HTA. Knowledge in several areas that usually add value to the assessment of health technologies, such as law, philosophy, communication, among other sectors.


Economic Modeling and Evaluation

Description: Concepts about health modeling. Creation of decision trees and Markov chains. Decision analysis. Risk.


Basic writing workshop

Description: Basic scientific writing workshop. Rules and style of scientific writing.