Compulsory Subjects for Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment

Description: Principles of health technology assessment (HTA), its function and the relationship between research and decision-making involving health technologies. It presents the types of HTA and the relationship between research and decision-making.



Description: Basic concepts of probability theory. Exploratory data analysis. Sampling and estimation. Hypothesis testing. Construction of frequency distribution (tables and graphs), calculations and interpretation of descriptive measures.


Search and Reference Management

Description: Presentation of databases in the health area and reference managers. It describes how to elaborate systematized and methodologically accurate search strategies for selecting the best scientific evidence in the various health databases such as Pubmed, Lilacs, Embase, Cochrane Database.


Health Economics

Description: Basic concepts of health economics. The production of health and the demand for health and for health services. The supply and the market of health services. Health insurance. Efficiency. Special topics for conducting economic health assessments.


Basic Epidemiology and Research Methodology

Description: Fundamentals of epidemiology. Measures of disease frequency. Causality. Measures of association. Validity. Case studies. Cross-sectional studies. Cohort studies. Intervention studies.


Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Description: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Bibliographical research for systematic reviews. Data base. Cochrane Collaboration. Research question. Elaboration of Systematic Review protocol. Data collection. Statistical techniques. Meta-analysis of continuous data and categorical data. Meta-analysis softwares.