About the course on Health Technology Assessment

The professional master’s program in Health Technology Assessment was created in 2013, based on the need to train human resources with the capacity to support decision-making, especially regarding the incorporation of new technologies. The decisions for the planning of services and health systems consider numerous factors, among which economic evaluation is an important tool.

Health Technology Assessment is a process characterized by investigating the clinical, economic and social consequences of using emerging or existing technologies, from their research and development to obsolescence.

Health technology is an expression that covers any medicine, device, program or protocol of care, equipment, procedure, organizational and educational system. It is a multidisciplinary area where professionals use analytical models to create a comparative study structure.

The program aims to stimulate a critical view of the professional to recognize the relationship between research and decision making involving health technologies. And it hopes that, once the program is completed, graduates can add value to health management, with a special focus on public health. The student must produce a product applicable to his professional practice.